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CHY Mall Online Shopping Mall | How To Become A Member

CHY Mall Online Shopping Mall – CHY Mall is a recent Online Shopping Mall which features a New Model Called New Retail plus the Traditional E-Commerce like Jumia, Alibaba, etc. But, this multi-billion dollar company is in actual fact, giving 80% profit to partners via the same New Retail model which is never present and has never been seen in the rest of the online shopping malls in the world.

Why You Need To Consider Joining CHY Mall

Unlike other online shopping mall, You earn on CHY Mall without the obligation of having to sell products or bring in people. The fact that, payment is more convenient since you can do your withdrawals at any given TIME, even your trading capital. The fact that you don’t have to move around to sell your products since the company does the selling for you.

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You simply make money as the company sells the products for you and give you your profit every 10-12 days. The fact that CHY MALL products are unique and stands out. The fact that the company is a registered entity with the CAC having presence in most parts of the country (Service Centers) where your products are first received and forwarded to you. Fact that, due to the pandemic, your salary alone can’t sustain you and you need a plan B.

That fact that, many people are already making hundreds of thousands daily from CHYMALL and you too can if you plug in now.


Do I need to refer people before I earn every 11 days?

Do I have to sell products before getting my money?
ANS: NO…. We don’t sell products on CHY Mall Online Shopping Mall (Companies sell for us while we earn)

Do I earn every 11 days after trading?

Do I earn both my trade money and profit after the 11 days trade period?

Where is your office in Nigeria?
ANS: CHY Mall Online Shopping Mall has not opened her Company office  to attend to the large public in Nigeria yet. Rather Chy mall has Service Centres in some locations in the country!

How do I withdraw my money after trading or if I choose to discontinue the Business?
ANS: You can withdraw via these channels; Through your local Banks or Bitcoin

How long will this business last?
ANS: As long as people use Quantum Energy Products, As long as people are buying houses, As long as people wearing cloth, As long as technology remains in existence etc.

Are you sure I don’t need to refer anybody before I make money every 11 days?

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Can I set my earnings on autopilot?
ANS: YES (there is now Autotrade for 5 rounds and 10 rounds of trade while you just take profits) HOW TO

How to Become a Member of CHY Mall Online Shopping Mall

You can become a VIP member by subscribing to any of the available packages below.

  • VIP2 Registration -$140 (N53,200)
  • VIP3 Registration- $280(N106400)
  • VIP4 Registration- $840(N319,200)
  • VIP5 Registration-$1,680(N638,400)
  • VIP6 Registration- $3,360(N1,270,800).

For more enquiries call 09069149859, 09060937290 or email princewilleni3@gmail.com

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