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Dubai Visa Lottery Application Form 2021/2022 and How to Successfully Apply Online

On this post I will be showing you the processes of making Dubai Visa lottery Application Form 2021/2022 from anywhere in the world. The quest for Dubai Visa application is growing speedily from different parts of the world.

Before making applications for Dubai Visa lottery Application Form 2021/2022, there are some requirements and documents that are needed for a successful application. These documents can be received at the point of entry and exit from Dubai.

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On this post, it will be answering the following questions on Dubai Visa lottery Application Form 2021/2022. This question(s) is/are frequently asked by interested applicants of Dubai Visa Form. They are:

  • What are the types of visas available?
  • Will the application form be available online and what is the link to it?
  • How do I get an accommodation in Dubai when making a first time trip to Dubai?
  • How much is the travel fee?
  • What are the necessary requirements for a successful application?
  • How to visit Dubai from United Arab Emirate, and so on.

How to successfully apply for Dubai Visa lottery Application Form 2021/2022

Kindly follow the following guided steps to apply for Dubai Visa

STEP ONE – Documents required

Gather all required documents and credentials for the type of visa you intend to apply. It is important that all your documents be complete and up-to-date. Fake or out-dated documents will be disqualified and may attract punishment accordingly. Some of the basic documents are:

  • Original copy of a valid CERPAC and residence permit visa;
  • Valid and original international visa (6 months old);
  • A coloured passport photograph with name and passport number clearly written behind the photograph;
  • Photo page, Bio page, expiry page, profession page and other special endorsement page (all coloured);
  • Emirates’ Airline confirmed ticket.

STEP TWO – Verify your Eligibility

When you must have finished gathering all the needed documents, the next in line is verifying your eligibility for Dubai Visa application. If you don’t meet any of the under-listed eligibility, your visa application might be denied. They are:

  1. Financial record: to get this document, simply visit the bank which you are operating in your country and get an original copy of a letter stating the amount of money in your bank account and that you have enough money to sustain you during your stay in Dubai. The bank statement will show all your bank transactions for the past six months from the date of collection with signatory of your employer or sponsor if your trip is sponsored.
  2. Travel record: if you have made a trip to UAE, Schengen, Australia, UK, New Zealand or Canada in the past two years or possess a valid Visa of those countries, your passport page must clearly show your visa stamped.

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STEP THREE – Types of Dubai Visa

Decide on the type of Visa lottery you are applying for. Examples are listed below:

STEP FOUR – Completion of Dubai Visa lottery Application Form online

Download, fill and submit the application form online or Dubai Visa processing center in your country.

Cost of Dubai visa in Nigeria

For tourist visa, 30 days visa costs $82, 14 days visa costs $110, and 96 hours visa costs $69. These fees include service charge and tax.

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