Facebook Dark Mode is Rolling Out for Mobile App Users

Arguably, Facebook dark mode is rolling out for mobile users. This page will give you insight on this latest roll-out from the social media giant, facebook.

Low-light and dark mode varieties — allow users to change the background color of an app window to black — are popular not only because they make apps easier to view for some users and are a bit more aesthetically pleasing, but because most dark mode versions can help preserve a device’s battery life as well.

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After launching dark mode for its desktop interface, Facebook confirms it is testing a dark mode for its mobile apps as well. Facebook has made the low light mode available to a very small percentage of people globally.

The mobile version of the dark mode for PC was introduced last month and it is “meant to cut down on glare”, particularly in low-light environments. There’s no timeline yet for when the dark mode will be available to all mobile users, however.

Users who already have the new dark mode on mobile tweeted screenshots of what it looks like:


It is a bit surprising and has taken this long for Facebook to roll out a mobile dark mode; its Instagram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp apps have dark mode already. Twitter has had a version of night mode for its Android and iOS apps for some time, and even Google rolled out a dark mode for its app earlier this year.

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