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In this tutorial, I will be showing you How to make facebook single name customisation or How to hide Last Name on Facebook. Well, there are simple methods fully explain on how you can achieve that on Facebook successfully. But, before I start, I would want you to note that Indonesians are officially allowed by Facebook to use single name accounts as most of the people in Indonesia have only one name and that’s why Facebook allowed them to have single names.

facebook single name

So, what we would be doing in this post is to pretend that we are from Indonesia. It’s your wish whether to perform this trick or not and I hope you understand the logic.

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Most importantly, there are no side effects to this change. You might be thinking that if Facebook discovers that you are not from the country that they might block or suspend your account. I want to assure you that such thing WILL NOT HAPPEN.

Steps on How to make facebook single name customisation or How to Hide Last Name on Facebook

These steps on facebook single name was tested using a PC.

Step 1: Open your Mozilla Firefox browser on your phone or PC and log on to your Facebook, then go to “General Account Settings”.

Step 2: On the Language settings option, change it to Bahasa Indonesia.

Step 3: Go to this site www.proxynova.com/proxy-server-list/country-id/. You will see an option here, Select Proxy country = Indonesia; Port = 8080, then click Submit. After the page loads, a list of Indonesian proxy addresses will be shown. The proxy address will be in this format –, you can try with this sample proxy I have shown you. It may work and it might not work. If it doesn’t, kindly go to the site and copy any proxy address from their list.

NOTE: While performing this stage, some proxies might work while some won’t, so just be patient and keep changing the proxy address. And select the ones that have 8080 as the port.

Step 4: Now, go to your already open Mozilla Firefox.

Go to Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings.

On the Settings, select Manual proxy configuration – paste or type in the proxy port copied from the site above and also the port which is 8080 always. Then tick the tick the option that says Use this proxy for all protocols and finally click OK in the settings dialog box.

Step 5: Open your Name Settings by going to Facebook > General Account Settings > General > Name. Then, change back your language to English.

Step 6: Go to your Mozilla Firefox and reverse the settings made as it was before changing it in Step 4 above.

Simply chose any of your names (Single) and type it at the First Name, others vacant. Type in your Facebook password and Click on save Changes.

At the successful completion of these steps, your Facebook name will be single.

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