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Google Cloud vs AWS (Amazon Web Service) Comparison in 2020 [SEE THIS]

Google Cloud vs AWS (Amazon Web Service) Comparison in 2020 – Hello friends, have you been wondering the differences between Google Cloud and AWS? If yes then you are the right place to get your answer. Today, we shall be talking on Google Cloud vs AWS Comparison. Kindly read through this post to get the full gist here.

Google Cloud vs AWS Comparison in 2020

The Google cloud platform (GCP), has long to be compared to the Amazon Web Service (AWS). And it is high time we put to rest that comparison once and for all. If you are considering choosing between the two then this post will assist you on that. You can make your choice between the two cloud platforms to choose one that is suitable for your kind of business.

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However, you should also know that Google cloud services were first before that of Amazon. When Amazon actually came much later to develop their AWS with this alone making a choice wouldn’t be hard. The reason is that those that have spent a long time doing it might probably have a perfect way of doing it than the newcomers.

Google Cloud Vs AWS

The Google cloud platform is a much easier choice than the AWS, as you will see we progress on this post. It is a platform that allows business or Enterprise owners, to make use or take advantage of the same cloud services which Google has used in hosting all its platforms in the past even till now, to host your own business. Why the Amazon web services are the most broadly used cloud platform, that gives cloud computing to individuals, companies, even government on a pay-as-you-go basis. And this is one of the basics we will base our argument today. Let’s see the first argument we will make today.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Why AWS services are broad and the most widely used, they make use of data tools and offer is serverless computing option. This cannot be compared to Google’s own house AI chip and tensor processing unit (TPU). At the Google cloud platform, core is what you will call a competent artificial intelligence and machine learning, which beats the tools that Amazon web services use. This AI chip which is developed and maintained continuously by Google which gets more advance by the day.

The involvement of this artificial intelligence means that Google GCP will be specifically be faster, accurate in ML models than that of the AWS. The fact that Google has been powering its own services with the TPU, as big as Google is without any problem for long now is also a testimony to the fact it’s own is superior to AWS. Amazon does not have any tool that can match the TPU power of Google. And Google also has devoted engineers working tirelessly to publicly share their findings on their AI.


Google being the number one search engine giant which means it’s also the biggest search engine platform on the planet earth. This does not go without its fair share of cyber-security risks. As Google is the number one target of different kinds of cyber attack and have been able to overcome them from the beginning even up till now. Bringing that into this argument is that Google’s GCP platform is more secured than any cloud service platform even more than AWS. Because no one understands cyber-security more than Google itself and definitely not Amazon.

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The GCP provides encryption for all data stored, and in transmission between Google and its users. Both data stored in data centers and in the persistent disk contains very strong encryption. Yes, the AWS has their own cyber-security encryption, still available by default and obviously cannot be compared to that of Google. Which goes without vulnerability, as there have been many cyber attacks on the cloud storage platform as a result of misconfigured servers. Finally, Google cloud also allowed its users to develop their own extra security at the application layer.


The next and final area of our arguments about Google Cloud vs AWS will be about the cost. The GCP is far cheaper than the AWS as they offer budget-friendly pricing which became one of their main selling points. Also, features discount for their users and services without any upfront payment. The GCP come with a very easy payment structure than that of the AWS. The truth of the matter is that the Google cloud platform is easier to procure than that of Amazon services. Which feature hidden invoices and extra hidden charges and so on.


Next, on our arguments between Google Cloud vs AWS, we shall take a look at Kubernetes. Now look at this Google developed Kubernetes which is used in cloud platforms and you are sure to get the latest in Kubernetes deployments from google. Due to the simple fact that Google developed it, while other cloud platforms like AWS will have to wait for roll-outs before they get the latest updates. So in this aspect, Google has the upper hand again. This can help you when deciding the one to choose from.

Live Customer Support

Like every other services, anybody will want to engage the service of a support. In a case encounter a problem you can easily contact support to help tackle the issue instantly. Well, you should know that both the Google cloud platform and the AWS have a wide variety of support forums and documentation forums where you can easily get help in any problem you encounter. You can visit these forums for easy assistance as the case may be.

Also, the Google Cloud and AWS have their own dedicated paid support system where you can get 24/7 support easily. But like I said, it is a paid service. Of course it has to be so, in case you are in need you can just visit the platform then get support for yourself. Google Cloud services offer three different levels of support which are:

  1. Silver: This is the least among them which is sold at $150 per month
  2. Gold
  3. Premium.

Likewise, the AWS also has four types of support services. The last three are paid while the first one is free. They are:

  1. Basic
  2. Developer
  3. Business
  4. Enterprise

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So, you can say that the AWS clearly wins in this case. Based on the fact that it offers more support systems than that of Google and also has a free basic plan.

We believe this post was helpful, kindly share this with your friends and family using any of the social media button below. Do not forget to drop your comments, contributions and suggestion through the comment box section beneath this page. Best Wishes!!

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