How to create an Android App using Android Development Environment

The use of android app is increasing day by day, the need to create new apps is highly demanding. This is a tutorial on how to create an android app using the Android Studio Development environment. Android Studio is an easy to use, free app that can easily help you in the development of Android app.

how to create an android app

To succeed in the creation of Android app, you need to have knowledge of Java Programming. This is a programming language used by Androids.

There are much codes needed for the tutorial, so I will be using a summary code because I assume you already have a knowledge of Java Programming or ready to look up for codes you don’t know. To create an android app, it will take like 30 – 60 minutes, depending on how fast you can download the Android Studio app.

Steps on how to create an Android App using Android Studio

Step 1: Download and Install Android Studio

Step 2: Start a new Project

  • Open, Android Studio, on the Quick Start dialogue box, select New Android Studio Project.
  • Choose a name for the Android App you want to create e.g. Hello World, the company name as desired* then click next.
  • Ensure you check only the box labeled Phone and Tablet.
  • If you wish to test run the app on your phone, ensure the minimum SDK is below your phone’s Operating System (OS), Click Next
  • Select Blank Activity, click next
  • Leave all Activity name fields as they are then click on Finish

Note: A typical naming convention in Android projects is to set the company’s name in this form

Step 3: The Welcome message in the Main Activity

  • Go to xml tab if it is not open yet.
  • Ensure the design window is open on the xml.
  • Drag the name given to the Android app as stated above from the upper left corner of the phone display to the center of the screen.
  • Open the values folder on the left side of the window in the project file system and double click on the xml file
  • On this file, look for the line where the name of the App appears
  • After Hello World message, include Welcome to my Android App, then go back to xml tab

Step 4: Add Buttons to the Main Activity

  • Go back to the Design tab of xml, in the palette menu to the left of the phone’s display, look for Button under the heading widgets.
  • Drag the button to center under your welcome message and leave the button selected. Scroll to down to find text field in the properties menu
  • Change the name of the text from New Button to New Page

For Now, let me stop here as the Tutorial will continue on my next post. I hope this article was useful to you as you anticipate for the update of this app in my next post. Drop your comments through the comment box section.

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