How To Get A Government Job Easily | 9 Simple Outlined Steps

How to Get a Government Job – Do you need a Government Job? Are you a graduate or an undergraduate out there? Are you in need of an employment? If yes then this post on how to get a government job is all you need.

A lot of people are very clear about their career preferences and what they would like to become, they try to be focused more on their particular job requirements in their preferred field of work that they have always dreamt of.

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Some people also crave for government job otherwise known as white-cola-jobs. Hence, these people spend years to get these job and most times, it ends in dead lucks. Well, having said that, luck/grace varies and what works for you might not work for another birthing to the subject matter; How to Get a Government Job.

On this post, we shall be giving out 9 steps on How to Get a Government Job as a graduate or an undergraduate, skilled or unskilled labourer. So, kindly read through this post and follow this guide properly to get the right step on tackling this menace of unemployment.

How to Get A Government Job Easily

If you’ve got what it takes to be a civil servant in the federal or state government, it can be frustrating to apply for positions and never get an interview. There are several ways that can be used to get a government job.

The other advantages of government jobs are – good salaries, attractive increment structure, availability of holidays, fixed working hours, perks and concessions, etc.

Many of us don’t get government jobs because we are totally unaware of them. We don’t know how to apply, where and when to apply for these jobs. Some of us are not qualified for certain government jobs.

1. Have a Positive Attitude: Recently, the Government made it clear that they are reducing the number of jobs for a year. This has been done to reduce expenses. Most aspirants got disheartened upon hearing this. But one should realize that there are still ample government jobs available for us. All we have to do is search for them online and offline. Stay positive, this is the first requirement.

2. Follow Government Norms: One of the important things that applicants need to keep in their mind is that before applying for the government job, they should have certain eligibility for the job. And that eligibility can be made by the government department or by the constitution of the government.

Therefore, it is compulsory to follow all the provided government norms for the welfare of the government and its activities. Moreover, people might even get punished if they disobey the government rules when it comes to recruiting employees for the department.

3. Find the Job That Suits Our Qualifications and Interests: For accomplishing this mission, we have to use online and offline resources. Make it a habit to read papers like Employment NEWS, Thozhil Vartha (Malayalam), etc. Read regional newspapers and classifieds that publish about government jobs and vacancies.

Another such source is online sites. Regularly visit trusted sites like to get updates of various government job exams, vacancies, exam tips, question papers, etc.

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Using the above-mentioned sources, finding the job that suit your educational qualifications and personal interests, personal interests should be given much importance here. If you don’t want to join the armed forces, then there is no point in applying for exams like NDA, CDS, SRPF, CRPF, etc.

4. Look Out For Any News: After you have decided on what field or branch of the government and IT organizations you want, start looking out for any notification relating to your field through various employee websites or through the government job sites itself.

5. Apply For the Jobs Correctly: To get a government job, you have to go through a selection process. You can’t get it by paying money (like some fraudsters claim). The first step of the selection process is a written exam.

It is necessary that you apply for the right exams carefully. Nowadays, applying for exams has become a completely online procedure. You can apply for exams from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is to visit the official site for applying for jobs and follow the instructions there. While applying, keep documents like scanned images of your, credentials, photo, signature, identity card, etc handy.

6. Seek Advantage From Networking: Working in a government department is not an easy task. Some people even have to leave everything for such a prestigious post of work. Therefore, it is possible that some people seek help from their networks so that they can get that post in the government department.

7. Prepare Systematically: Sound preparation is required to crack such exams. So concentrate your efforts in that direction. Check sites like Value Gist to get tips to crack such exams. You may also visit this site and download question papers and answer keys of previous exams also. Various publication houses publish books for government job exams. There are books available even for LD Clerk exams. Buy such books and prepare them systematically.

8. Have Patience: This quality is a must-have for aspirants. Recruitment by State wise PSCs (Public Service Commissions) depends on vacancies. This means that they recruit only when active employees retire or is sacked. So, you have to wait in order to get such government jobs. Sometimes, candidates have to wait for years! That’s why patience is required here.

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9. Research Well About the Department of Work: It is possible that after applying for the job using job search tools, a person might receive an early interview call from the government department. And at that point in time, the candidate needs to start gathering information about the position offered in the interview application. Try to find out what the department does and how is it beneficial to the government.

We hope you find this article useful? Getting government jobs is tough nowadays. This is due to increased competition. We believe you have learned one or two things from here? And that the above information has given you the satisfaction you needed as regards how to get a government job easily?

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