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How to Make Money in CHY Mall | 6 Helpful Ways to Earn in CHY Mall

Hey there, here are some helpful tips we have made on How to Make Money in CHY Mall. So if you are member of CHY mall then you need to take this article serious as we shall be dropping 6 helpful ways you can earn in CHY mall.

As a member of CHY mall or prospective member, you might be wondering if this investment platform (CHY mall) is real or not. You might also be looking for How to Make Money in CHY mall. If this is your problem then all I will tell you to do is to make sure you read through this article to get the right information from us.

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How to Make Money in CHY Mall

Below are the six (6) different money making streams in the CHY Mall New Retail program. They are;

  1. Chain Service Profit
  2. Traditional E-Commerce Profit
  3. Store Profit
  4. Direct Sharing Profit
  5. Service Profit
  6. Chain Store Profit

Now, let’s explain this to you.

Chain Service Profit

The Chain Service Profit is calculated based on your first generation and second generation service profit. Depending on how high your Chain Service Profit is, it can unlock other perks to make your CSP even much more higher.

Traditional E-Commerce Profit

Partners can still make money with the CHY Mall traditional E-commerce by recommending or referring qualified manufacturers and commodities to CHY Mall Traditional E-Commerce Area.

Store Profit

The Store Profit is the profit you make from buying CHY Mall product from the New Retail store at wholesale price and having the platform sells them for you at New Retail price.

Direct Sharing Profit

This is what you get when you refer or recommend someone to join CHY Mall Income Program. This is 20% of your Point Volume (PV). Point Volume is a common expression in network marketing. It represents a percentage of the money spent on buying a product in the network.

Service Profit

CHY Mall also offers an additional profit or bonus known as Service Profit. This bonus is calculated on the weaker of your two legs. This means that every day, you are paid 12% of all the transactions on your weaker leg. For example, if on a given day your left leg generates $1000 while your right leg generates $1200, a bonus of $1000 x 12% = $120 will be paid to you instantly.

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Chain Store Profit

There are three levels in the Chain Store Profit; they are Gold Level, Platinum Level and Crown Level.

  • Gold Level: This is a reward paid by CHY Mall to you when you build a network. As soon as you start sponsoring others to join that network, CHY Mall pays you a bonus equal to 3% of all the trades done by your direct referrals also known as your First Generation. This 3% earning continues whenever there is a trade on your first generation referrals.
  • Platinum Level: As your referrals grow bigger and you have 5 or more direct referrals, you get an additional 2% from all the trades on your second generation referrals.
  • Crown Level: As your referrals grows more and more higher, the system pays you more 3% of your referral’s trades.

We believe these steps we have listed above on How to Make Money in CHY Mall will be helpful to you and enable you earn even more higher than you used to. If you are considering registering for CHY Mall, go ahead as it is real and it is still paying.

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