How to Transfer Data on MTN Network with Data Gifting Service | Step-By-Step Guide

How to Transfer Data on MTN Network with Data Gifting Service | Step-By-Step Guide

If you are looking for How to Transfer Data on MTN Network then you are at the right page because we shall be showing you the right steps to achieve that here. All you are required to do on this is to follow this post till the end.

Statistics have it that about 80% of MTN subscribers do not know that they can share or transfer their internet subscription otherwise known as data with their loved ones. Well, if you are in this number, you are welcome to this site and be ready to learn something new today.

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How to Transfer Data on MTN

Without much talk, let us go into the main thing we are here for.

The tool we shall be talking on is the MTN Gift Data Service. This will allow you to request data from a friend, transfer or share your active data plan with a friend and buy data for a friend.

You can as well use this service to buy data for your second phone, modem, or tablet.

The interesting thing to know about this service is that it does not matter if you are new customer (you bought the SIM card today) or you an old customer, you are free to use the service.

I am sure you will be asking yourself How do I share my Data on MTN? Well, it is very simple. All you have to do is to dial 1317# on your mobile phone where you have an active data plan.

Another way you can do this to dial 131Friends MTN phone Number*Data Amount# or type Transfer <space> Friend’s MTN phone number <space> Data amount and send to 131 in text message.

Invariably, if you want to buy data for your friend, simply dial 131Bundle Activation Code*Your friends phone number#.

If you are wondering if you will have to use PIN to access or activate this service, our answer to that question is NO. You do not need any PIN to access this service.

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If you sharing or requesting data with or from a friend, the number must be an active MTN number. You cannot request or share your data with other networks and you can only share 50MB, 100MB, 200MB or 500MB at a time as long as the amount of data you are sending is not above your active data subscription.

The total data amount you can share in a day is 1Gb and this can only be done twice a day. This means that you are only allowed to share data just two times a day and your maximum daily data sharing is 1GB.

Also, you cannot share your data bonus. You must have an active subscription for you to use this service.

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