Pinkoin Login Portal | Value of Pinkoin in Naira Pinkoin Login – The Idea behind Inksnation is to generate money for humanity and this will reduce poverty and unemployment through the means of the newly established cryptocoin – Pinkoin. This coin is an asset to humanity blockchain technology. Pinkoin Login

iBsmartify has the goal of raising the value of the currency which has been created newly and this coin is known as Pinkoin and Pinkoin can be traded internationally as it is not national-based alone.

It is a known based coin and has been generally accepted in the coin trading market for trading with other coins (cryptocurrencies) without hitch in trade i.e. you can use Pinkoin to make a purchase of other coins and can sell other coins to buy pinkoin.

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What is the Value of PinKoin

On every day bases, the value of pinkoin increases unlike other crypto coins and it appreciates on daily basis. There is a prediction that the value of PinKoin will increase as long as humanity increase in population.

How to Activate your Inksnation Account

To access Pinkoin Login, you have to activate your account by doing the following:

  1. Login to the Inknation Portal like
  2. Use the login icon to login to an account on the website
  3. fill in your correct details like your email address and password and you will get to the login page
  4. Ensure you click on the Sign-in Button below and with the right username and password your login will be successful.
  5. If you don’t have an account you should use the signup button to register for an account
  6. On the right-hand corner of your screen, click on the three dotted lines to see your account information
  7. Follow the prompt instructions herein

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Inksnation Wallet Verification for Exchangers

  • Pinkoin Login/Wallet and follow the instructions as shown above.
  • On the website, click on KYC/AML as this is close to the Living Node Reserve.
  • On your website, fill in your KoboPay Payment code,
  • You should be on the link where you can upload your National ID card or any other valid ID card.
  • Upload  a Kobopay payment receipt Image
  • Please ensure that you have selected a direct verification type when selecting Kobo Pay as a payment method.
  • Fill in your Office Address and location in full
  • Fill your Local Government as well
  •  Click on the Submit button to submit your queries.

Summary of How Inksnation Works

  • Your millions of naira are in your wallet utilize when the system reaches 18million members
  • All registration of N1000 will be eligible to earn up to N4,000 on daily basis and currently
  • There is an increment to N5,000 daily as of the publication of this post.
  • From August/ November, members will  receive N5,000 and can choose if the 30% is from their earnings or cash
  • All those on the N10,000 registration will start receiving about N6,000 on daily basis
  • for the 10K Members, from August/November, they will start earning and are eligible to withdraw up to 16 thousand naira
  • Like Grade 1 members, active users can as well choose to pay the 40% per cent commission either through cash or through withdrawal.
  • From August 12 all those that active members who registered before July will start withdrawing continuously
  • All members who join after July should start earning from November 12 2020

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Is Inksnation Legit?

To answer this question we will love state clearly that inksnation is not on the registration list of the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). Consequently, according to SEC, the scheme is illegal. The general, public are advise that what ever business they do with Inksnation, they do such at their own risk.

However, the man popularly known as Universal Daddy inks known as Omotade sparks up his followers by admonishing that the warning by SEC is just a noise just like Bitcoin that was not generally accepted and approved by SEC.

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