Is Espian Global Real OR Fake? Find Out Now at

Is Espian Global Real OR Fake? Are you wondering how true this investment platform is? If you are curious about ESPN then you need this article. See below for the full information here.

Here, we would be discussing about ESPN Global Platform, How to register, the registration website and other necessary things about ESPN.

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From the information we are getting, we can boldly tell you that Espian Global is real. But you still need to read through this article to know more about ESPN Global so that you wont fall victim of what you can’t explain.

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What is ESPN Global?

Espian is a London, U.K E-Sports Programming Network (ESPN Global) recently integrated online gaming with Blockchain technology. It is a unique Blockchain based gaming revolution, where you can win cash by winning battles and tournaments. With their premium membership, one gets priority access to slots, and super early access to the most sought after games.

The Espian platform is under prelaunch phase and later will allow players to make deposits and withdrawals using bitcoin and other variety of crypto-currencies.

If you are joining ESPN Global which is one of the trending global earning platforms, you can do so now. But first we shall be breaking down in details all you need to know about ESPN.

Is Espian Global Real OR Fake?

The big question which is in the mouth of everybody now Is Espian Global Real OR Fake? Has it paid anybody yet?

ESPN has come to stay and anybody that registers with it will not regret doing so. You can go ahead and register so that you can start earning through this platform.

Well, daily lots of platforms is being launched. These platforms which will trend for some time and later fold. We have had cases of this nature in the past during the days of MMM and its like. But ESPN will not be like that.

Some of these platforms are not worth your time or money, while some of them can be very profitable in a short period of time.

ESPN is one of the fastest growing digital markets with a 33% annual growth rate. Its opportunities are endless, Espian global will have over 1bilion enthusiasts and viewers by 2023, which is 1/3 of all gamers and will become the number 1 sport of the future.

It has a reward system for it affiliate players for referring other players to download their app and play their games. Affiliate players also earn tokens based on the rank they achieve, these tokens can be used to play more games or can be cashed out.

Features of ESPIAN Global

The features of Espian Global are;

  • Referral program
  • E-sports
  • Blockchain
  • Smart gaming token

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How to Earn on ESPIAN Global

There are about 7 ways to earn on ESPIAN global investment platform, they are listed below;

  1. Referral income
  2. Two team matching incentive
  3. Super matching bonus
  4. Quick commander royalty
  5. Medal of honor
  6. Hall of fame bonus
  7. Super content winning

As for now, this is all we have to say about ESPN and we hope this article has answered the big question Is Espian Global Real OR Fake?

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