KiaKia Loan Online Application Processes

The KiaKia Loan is a loan agency that grants short-term loan to businesses and for personal purposes. If you are in need of a short-term loan today then you might consider this KiaKia Loan.

On this post, we shall be showing you everything you need to loan about this KiaKia Loan and how it works. So, it is will be necessary your read through this publication to get the right information we have here.

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Requirements for KiaKia Loan

Without much talks, let us run you through the requirements to access the Loan.

  1. A valid email address
  2. Must be resident in Nigeria as loan is given in Naira
  3. A valid means of identification
  4. Must be at least 21 years of age
  5. A Bank Verification Number (BVN) linked to your bank account
  6. A proof of income from workplace

On the KiaKia Loan, you can apply for a quick and short-term loan of N10,000 to N200,000 for business and personal purposes and it without collateral. Unlike other loan apps, the interest rate is relatively minimal.

How to Apply for Loan At KiaKia Loan

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Applying for a loan is very very easy and straight forward. Follow these steps to get started.

  • Log on to the website and create an account with your correct details
  • Chat with the service agent on the website requesting for a loan stating the purpose of loan
  • Submit a valid means of identification
  • Enter your loan amount and choose loan duration (long duration attracts more interest rate)
  • Upload a screenshot of your last 3 salary or business income alerts
  • Accept the loan terms and conditions
  • Verify your bank account and click on submit

Ones you have submitted your application, it is necessary for your application to be reviewed. This will last for a couple of hours. After the verification, you will be credited immediately into your bank account.

NOTE: It might interest you to know that the KiaKia Loan App is not in any mobile app store. All loan applications are processed applied online via the website at

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