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Applicants of liberation grant must be thinking of what the Latest News on Liberation Grant Disbursement. If you are on this page searching for this information then you need to read through this article.

Some time last year, an NGO came up with Liberation grant as a subsidiary of TheoBarth Grant. Lot of persons declared interest in in the grant and so far waiting to know the latest news or the status of the grant. If the grant will have a head way or not.

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First thing first, as on the date of this publication, there is no news about any Liberation Grant disbursement and nobody have received funds from the NGO. Any blog or person saying otherwise should be disregarded or considered fake.

The only thing you have to do to enable you get frequent update on the Latest News on Liberation Grant Disbursement is to subscribe to this blog. When there is any news on the disbursement, we shall not fail to communicate it here.

Also, we would also like to use this medium to inform you that even TheoBarth Grant have not started disbursing. Although there are many blogs out there stating otherwise but the official news reaching us is that no disbursement have been done so far.

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All modalities for a smooth disbursement are currently ongoing and all the required stakeholders are being contacted. Kindly check back on this website when there is any update on any of these grants.

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