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This page is for review. If you are wondering if is real or fake then you need to read through this article because, we shall be doing a run-down explanation on this topic.

Do you wish to know how Bncshare works? Is that what you are searching? If your answer is yes then you are at the right place. So kindly sit back and read through this article to get started.

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What is Bncshare?

The first thing we need to do is to tell you guys what is all about. It is when you have know what bncshare is all about that you can start investing here.

Bncshare is the latest e-commerce platform that allows members to make money by ordering for products on the platform. Referring friends is also obtainable if you want to earn higher.

Earning on this platform depends on how much product you order. A certain percentage of your order will be paid to you on every successful order. The more you order, the higher your chances of earning big.

When you register on, you get 500 naira of virtual currency. You can use virtual currency to place OMG orders to earn real currency that can be withdrawn.

Bncshare membership system

There are three membership levels on this review. When you register, you get placed in level 1 by default.

Level 1 members

  • Each withdrawal limit is 5000.
  • The number of orders that can be swiped is 30
  • The promotion rebate is 10%, 8% and 5%.
  • Withdraw cash once a day.

Level 2 members (5000)

  • Each withdrawal limit is 50000.
  • The number of orders that can be swiped is 30
  • The promotion rebate is 12%, 9% and 5%.
  • Withdraw cash twice a day.

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Level 3 members (10000)

  • Each withdrawal limit is 100000.
  • The number of orders that can be swiped is 30
  • The promotion rebate is 14%, 10% and 5%.
  • Withdraw cash three times a day.

How to withdraw on Bncshare

To withdraw on Bncshare, you will have to click withdraw on your dashboard and fill out the following details;

  1. Enter mobile number
  2. Enter SMS verification
  3. Enter your bank account
  4. Enter password

Is Bncshare Real or Fake?

Bncshare is just a new platform launched this year. There are no prove of payments yet from any member. I can’t tell you to invest in the system at the moment as it is still early to determine the state of the platform.

But one thing you have to know is that there is no online investment platform that do not have their own risks attached to it. So, if you decide to invest with this platform, make sure you are doing so with your spare money.

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How to Register/Signup at

To register/sign up on Bncshare, follow the below instructions:

  • Visit the Bncshare registration website at
  • Input your phone number, password and referral code
  • Click on GET to receive the confirmation code to your mobile number
  • Input the code in the box provided for it
  • Click on REGISTER
  • Login and begin ordering

After successful registration, if you wish to log in at then you have to provide your phone number and password. The phone number must be the one you used to register. We believe this post on review was helpful to you.

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