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N-Power Test Past Questions and Answers Free Download

On this page you will be getting free N-Power Test Past Questions and Answers. This book here will help all those taking the NASIMS test on related questions. You simply download yours from this page.

Are you part of the N-Power batch C applicants? Are you looking for the N-Power Test Past Questions and Answers? If yes then you have to keep reading this page to see how you can download this free NASIMS Portal past questions and answers for those taking the test.

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One thing you have to know about the N-Power Test Past Questions and Answers book is that it will help you score high in the ongoing test at www.nasims.gov.ng website. What are you still waiting for? Kindly download for free here.

N-Power Test Past Questions and Answers

Here are some leaked NPower Test Past Questions and Answers for Batch C applicants which were asked in the www.nasims.gov.ng test NASIMS Portal.

The Capital of Lagos State is______
A. Bariga
B. Isale-Eko
C. Eko
D. Ikeja
E. Ikorodu

Who is the current Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria
A. Alhaji Mai Borno
B. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
C. Godwin Emefiele
D. Adamu Chiroma
E. Charles Soludo.

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Few people prefer the RURAL to the ______ areas.
A. Urban
B. Modern
C. Pastoral
D. Central
E. Rustic

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The ages of three men are in the ratio 3:4:5. If the difference between the ages of the oldest and youngest is 18 years, find the sum of the ages of the three men.
A. 45 years
B. 72 years
C. 108 years
D. 216 years

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