Nigerian Army Salary Structure | According to ranks and service year [Read]

The Nigerian Army Salary Structure can be known as the paying scheme of the Nigerian Army monthly and annually. They are been paid according to their offices, years of service and ranks from Private Soldiers to Generals.

Nigerian Army Salary Structure

This post will guide readers on the controversies that the Nigerian Army earns so much at the end of the month or one of the highest paid sectors in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Army (Soldiers) have played major role in safeguarding the country and protecting lives and properties of its citizenry. Their mode of training which is basically on land gives them the knowledge on how to combat the country’s security challenges relating to land crises such fighting insurgencies, crises, external aggression, etc. The Nigerian Army is the largest security agency in West Africa according to reports on

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The Nigerian Army Salary Structure According to their Ranks monthly

  • Non Commissioned Officers

Private Soldier – ₦48,000 – ₦49,000

Lance Corporal – ₦54,000 – ₦55,000

Corporal – ₦58,000

Sergeant – ₦63,000

Staff Sergeant – ₦80,000

Master Warrant Officer – ₦90,000

  • Commissioned Officers

Second Lieutenant – ₦120,000

Lieutenant – ₦180,000

Captain – ₦220,000

Major – ₦300,000

Lt. Colonel – ₦350,000

Colonel – ₦550,000

Brigadier General – ₦750,000

Major General – ₦950,000

Lt. General – ₦1,000,000

General – ₦1,500,000

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Operation Python Dance and Crocodile Smile Officers’ salary structure

Officers fighting the Boko Haram and other insurgencies in the country are being paid ₦60,000 monthly according to an authoritative report. Another report proved this wrong stating that they are paid ₦49,000 monthly and ₦500 daily feeding allowance. They have recorded so many victories in many Peace Keeping Missions international and Local.

The Nigerian Army is the largest amongst the Nigerian Armed forces but they are not the highest paid. They are trained to fight crises on lands unlike the Navy which are responsible for water boundaries of the country, and Airforce that are responsible for securing the country’s air space against threats on air. The Chief of Army Staff who is the head commander of the Nigerian Army and also the highest paid Officer.

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