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Npower May and June Stipend 2021 | Not Paid Yet? See What To Do

Npower beneficiaries can now access the Npower May and June Stipend 2021 through this portal. The portal is for payment of stipends. You must read through this page to get the right information about this to avoid being misled.

If you are among Npower beneficiary and you are yet to receive your Npower May and June Stipend 2021. Worry no more, we have you covered. Kindly go through this article to see how you can start accessing your payment.

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On this page, you will get the latest news on Npower May and June Stipend 2021. So if you have not received yoir stipends yet then this article is for you. We have put this together to assist you on this.

One of the challenges applicants of Npower are facing is their inability to access their stipends. We have received lots of requests from applicants. Most of them are saying that they have not received their payment till date.

The thing is that there are some glitches in the system. You have to exercise a little patient while the issue is been rectified.

How to Access Npower May and June Stipend 2021

For all those that are still yet to be paid for May and June Stipend, directions has been given and steps are listed below.

  1. Send ONE email to
  2. Title the email – Unpaid May and June stipends 2021
  3. Email should include
    • State of Residence
    • Name
    • PPA
    • NPVN no

Please Note: It is important that you follow the above instructions carefully. As we hope and believe that the problem will be rectified very soon.

We are here for you. In case of any further complaint, you can contact us at Do not forget to subscribe to this blog so that you will be getting daily helpful update from us.

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