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payMe Soccer Quiz Game | How to Register at www.payme.games/register

Wish to know about payMe Soccer Quiz Game and how to register? Have you heard about this before? If your answer is yes then you are at the right page to get proper assistance.

Here, we would be telling you everything you need to know about payMe Soccer Quiz Game. So kindly ensure you read through this content very well.

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What is payMe Soccer Quiz Game All About?

payMe Soccer Quiz Game is a unique, passionate and fun-filled trivia quiz game that comes with exciting rewarding packages designed primarily, for the involvement of every interested adult resident of Nigeria and subsequently in approved Countries of the World.

The payMe product is a self-funded, web-based trivia quiz built on the principle of pool leverage ratio; and as a pure intellectual quiz contest that winners are decided only based on their knowledge ability and the swiftness of providing the correct answers to questions.

This payMe Quiz Game was created to differ from the original pattern of the gaming industry which is luck driven and famously circumscribed by chance, to a contest centered on intellectual competence; and promotes fairness and upright task.

payMe Soccer Quiz Game was designed to play on web browsers enabling desktop and mobile applications. It is technically structured with superlative uniqueness that distinguished it among competing brands and yet, an ongoing concern product that will continue to meet quizzers’ demands, according to societal needs.

The game adopts Multiple-Choice Questions type to create an interactive quiz format. It offers online learning capabilities that cover extensive information of various entertainments to include soccer, music and movies. The product features an interactive learning interface and an intuitive time-bound quiz console that promote healthy and transparent competition amongst contestants

Why Should I Join payMe Game?

There are so many reasons why you should join payMe Soccer Quiz Game and economic benefits to be derived from the payMe product brand. They are:

  1. payMe is designed to enhance valuable learning exercise
  2. It is a healthy rewardable contest for all, especially the nonbettor’s populace
  3. Through the referral program, payMe product guarantees residual, sustainable fiscal empowerment to every Quizzer Participant
  4. The fiscal opportunities in payMe will surely benefit the society enormously in all ramifications, especially in reducing common crimes of stealing, kidnapping and banditry as a very large population of youths will be earning enough income to help satisfy their immediate economic needs and therefore be less dependent on illegitimate sources of income.

How and When to Play payMe Soccer Quiz Game

  • Monday 12 am to Saturday 11.59 pm is for the quiz game.
  • Sundays 12 am to 11.59 pm will be for display of result of the past week on the Status Wall.
  • The number of times a Quizzer can contest within a week is limitless.

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Prizes to Win

The prizes to be won for playing payMe Soccer Quiz Game are of two categories. They are

Weekly: Known as Intelligent Quizzers (IQ) determined by higher accuracy of answers and swiftness in answering

Quarterly: known as Most Intelligent Quizzers (MIQ) based on cumulative weekly points (i.e., the sum total of the twelve weeks result divided by 12).

Both are based purely on intellectual prowess.

Intelligent Quizzers (IQ):

  • N10,000 for the first 50 in ranking on the weekly quiz
  • N5,000 for the next 100 inline
  • N2,000 for the next 250 that follows.

Most Intelligent Quizzers (MIQ):

A quarterly Mega Prize for the outstanding best five (5) Quizzers of a given quarter. They are determined by their Cummulative Score for past twelve consecutive weeks of play.

  • N1,000,000 for the overall best
  • N500,000 for the 1st runner-up
  • N250,000 for the 2nd runner-up
  • N150,000 for the 3rd runner-up
  • N100,000 for the 4th runner-up

Is Referral Necessary at payMe Game?

In addition to both the weekly and monthly reward, every Quizzer has the opportunity to earn a steady sustainable residual income just by introducing new Quizzers to the platform using their personal referral link.

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The Company pays 20% of the amount of token used by all the direct referrals of a given Quizzer. In addition, the Quizzer also get valuable incentives for developing and completing every level of his/her Family generation downline in multiples of five (5) legs.

Cost of Play

Funding of Wallet: Minimum Subscription of 5 Tokens after registration with personal mobile gadget

Cost of Game

  • Tutorial Quizzes – Free
  • Competitive Quiz – 1 Token per game

Value of Token

A Token is worth N200

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