PetronPay Investment Platform | Things to Know About PatronPay and How to Register at

This post shall be dishing out all it knows about PetronPay Investment Platform and How you can register as a member. If you have been hearing about PetronPay and wondering what it is all about then you need to take this article very serious.

For some time now, PetronPay Investment Platform have been trending online and a lot of people are requesting to know if it good to invest with PetronPay. Well, if you’re having any doubt about this platform then follow this article down.

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PetronPay unlike other investment platform has come to stay. From the information reaching us from a research we conducted. PetronPay has paid a lot of its members.

PetronPay is a USA based Company that has been in the business of OIL, PETROLEUM AND GAS since 2010. They were operating privately and only allow millions of investors to invest with them.

Earlier this year, they decided to go international by breaking down their Investment packages so that it can accommodate other investors with small capital and grow through the platform.

Table of Contents

PetronPay Investment Packages

  • Barrel 1: $25
  • Barrel 2: $50
  • Barrel 3: $99
  • Barrel 4: $246
  • Barrel 5: $514
  • Barrel 6: $1,030
  • Barrel 7: $2,030

As soon as you invest in PetronPay, you can choose to be an investor or you can choose to be an investor and a networker same time. Here is a breakdown of these two categories.

  1. An investor in PetronPay: A PetronPay investor is someone who just buys any of the packages listed earlier and sit down waiting to withdraw his or her daily, weekly and monthly earnings and do not do anything else for the company.
  2. An investor and the same time a networker: It is an investor who buys a package (invest) and sit down waiting to withdraw his or her daily weekly and monthly earnings and at same time promoting PetronPay Investment Platform to his or her friends, families, or any other person.

How to Earn on PetronPay

If you invest with PetronPay, they use your money to invest or trade by buying low and sell high OIL/Gas and Petrol and share the profit with their investors on daily basis.

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Whatever amount you invest based on their chosen package, is equal to 1barrel of OIL/Gas and Petrol. So they trade with your money and give you estimated of 0.2% to 2.5% on daily basis (from Monday to Friday).

How to Register

Petronpay being one of the largest petroleum trading platform in the world.

  • To start earning with Petronpay first of all, you have to register with PETRONPAY
  • Then activate your account by purchasing a barrel of oil.

There are seven membership packages as listed above, and each package has a maximum return of 300%.

Is PetronPay Investment Real or Fake?

Having read through this article, you can on your own decide if this is real or not. But it is important to know that of you’re investing on this platform, be sure you do so with your spare money.

Chances of losing your money and gaining is 50:50. So be properly guided on what you’re doing.

Do not forget to always check the registration portal for more information. You can as well subscribe to this blog so that you will be getting daily helpful information on more investment platforms.