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SECODI Mall and How to Start Earning after Shopping at Secodi Online Shopping Mall

Do you want to know more about Secodi Mall and how to earn from it. SECODI which stands for Sun Energy Community Development Initiative was established to develop our community with the Energy of the Sun (Solar) and to eradicate Poverty as well.

I fell in love with the company because of the two great Solutions they bring to the table. These are major issues faced by so many in our country. Darkness and poverty are so much all over the place but by God’s grace in few Years to come it will be a thing of the past and those of us that drives the course will surely enjoy the Benefits to the fullest.

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Any person with some Business sense will see that this is a huge opportunity to create wealth easily especially in Nigeria within a short period than normal.

When you solve problems you will definitely make wealth because Wealth is a result of solving so many people’s problem.

Dangote, Otedola, Wale Adenuga, etc. made wealth Because they are solving problems faced by people in their world. You can start thinking of Joining us to Solve the Light Problem in our Nation Today.

In this business, you are 2 persons away from Millions

With Secodi No renting of shop, No paying of staff salary, No wiping of points, Your business is scalable, You solve a critical need in Nigeria and make big money.

The Benefits of Using Solar includes

  1. It is renewable. Your energy is restored everyday and you keep using it. You don’t need to buy anything or pay for anything. You will keep enjoying light without spending money for years; no buying of fuel, no servicing, no subscription and all that.
  2. It’s a noiseless and Clean energy. As you enjoy it no sound and disturbing neighbours, it doesn’t dirty your environment and the atmosphere is so safe unlike what comes out of our Generators.
  3. It’s trendy. In fact the whole world is migrating to Solar now. Both for homes, cars, household appliances and the rest.

Do you know that SECODI has

  • Solar car
  • Solar Air conditioner
  • Solar Hot plate for cooking
  • Solar Fridge and Freezer
  • Solar TV
  • Solar Clippers and many more?

How to Register

  1. To Register at Secodi Mall and start earning, pay to Secodi account and send proof of payment to me. Account Name: SECODI SOLUTIONS LTD; Account Number: 1021573357; Bank: UBA
  2. Fill this form

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Note This

First we need to know that Solar Electricity is very Expensive. To Power just 4 bulbs, a Rechargeable standing fan, and your charging sockets for phones and laptop will cost you from one hundred thousand naira (#100,000) and above for your flat or office.

To power 8 bulbs, 2 ceiling fans, TV, decoder, charging points for phones and laptops will cost your from Three Hundred and fifty thousand naira (#350,000) only for your house or office. If you want to add up AC and Deep Freezer u will need nothing less than 1.5m naira and above.

SECODI FAQs and Answers about Secodi Mall

Q1.: What is the full meaning of SECODI?

It’s being supported by Tai Energy company in China, they are to Alleviate Poverty and enormously improve Electricity and Water conditions, bringing the easy life to all.

Q2.: Who owns it and where is their office?
Ans: Pst. Moses Onoja, a passionate networker and an entrepreneur
OFFICE : No.5 John Olugbo street, off Unity Road, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria.

Q3.: How old is SECODI in Nigeria?
Ans: SECODI multilevel Marketing System was launched in Nigeria on the 8th of Sept . 2018 .

Q4.: Is SECODI a registered company with?
Ans: Yes, SECODI SOLAR is a registered company with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) RC 1487011

Q5.: Can I register more than one account?
Ans: Yes, you can do. Multiple accounts rocks.

Q6.: If I join now, when will I start earning?
Ans: As soon as you complete your starter stage

Q7.: If I qualify for products, since the office is at Lagos, how do I get it at my location?
Ans: Goods are dispatched on the 10th – 15th and 25th – 30th of every month to different States, without you paying for delivery charge. Isn’t that amazing?

Q8.: Do I need to bring people before I earn?
Ans: Yes, it speeds up the growth of the team. Your own part is to be active in the group chat to welcome new members and congratulate earners and patiently wait for your turn and testify when you earn.

And add your friends… to the group,
Spread the good news to people you love and even to your enemies, by sharing our group link on any social media and, then leave the talking to us. That’s TEAM WORK.

Q9.: Can I register under a team and create my own team and run it?
Ans: Yes, you can open a sub team of Team Solar Power, be the team leader and we will support and guide you

Q10.: Can I open multiple accounts after my first account?
Ans: Yes

Q11.: How much is the registration?
Ans: $25/N7,500

Q12.: After registration, do I need to pay another money to get products?
Ans: No

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Q13.: Can products be monetized?
Ans: Yes, if you don’t need the products, you get cash equivalent, isn’t that amazing?

Q14.: Can this company operate outside the country, Nigeria.
Ans. YES

Q15.: How do I join?
Ans: By MAKING yourself a payment @ $25/N7500

All these are available at SECODI shopping mall at Berger in Lagos, Nigeria. If you visit that place all you see is wonders. Click to see the online shop

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