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This page will show you everything you need to know about the Solmax Login Portal at So if you are already a member or you wish to join then you have to read through this post for further guidance. is the official website of Solmax. So, if you wish to register at Solmax Login Portal then this post all you need as it will give you straight guide on how you can make your application successful.

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About Solmax

In the current market, there is a fundamental problem when networking businesses interact with their community. A gap forms between the central office and its networkers, leaving the latter feeling disconnected and isolated.

At Solmax, we have one clear aim which is to create a business that sees our entire community working together for continued financial rewards. In order to achieve this objective, we aim to include you in every aspect of the business. An utterly new and innovative business model.

Become an investor with Solmax global earn with and without recruiting

  • Have more than 1 source of income for more stability
  • Achieve financial freedom and grow your wealth
  • Do what you like and earn from it!

How would a second source of income benefit you? WhatsApp Me With the number here: +2348189549604

Are you aware that to sign up on is very easy. Simply follow the steps that will be given to you here. Please kindly bear with us as regards the constant 504 gateway issue that Solmax website/portal has persisted for days now and has grown worse.

I am going to share a little bit about Igniter100 and Solmax. The business that pays 1% returns on investment daily. A company that has a minimum start of £50 will earn 1% daily for 200days as an investor.

If you decide to recruit which is optional you can make 10% on your referrals commission Mondays even if you have not bought any investment package.

Why You should Join Igniter100 (Solmax Global)

Joining Solmax Global is much more than a revenue stream to improve your financial health. It means joining a company that is determined to help our entrepreneurs succeed, offering strategic training and support.

As one of our Independent Marketing Partners, you will have the chance to earn substantial levels of commissions, receive enviable benefits from our compensation plan and become a member of a unique brand, which really gives back to its entrepreneurs.

Becoming a part of our network offers an opportunity to meet new people, while also learning from your peers as you embark on a similar journey. By carefully selecting innovative and desirable products on the market, we can offer unparalleled access to a wide variety of consumers.

  • No sign up fee!
  • Direct referral bonus on every investment 10%
  • Team Bonus 10%
  • Matching Bonus 5% to 20%
  • PCM bonus
  • Get return on your investment 1% daily, 75% in cash and 25% in Smart Shares.
  • Shares which u can easily trade for cash and make big profits in the long run.
  • You get a free online education program. Blockchain technology and other educational courses all for free, just by being a member of Solmax Igniter 100
  • You choose whether you only want to be an investor or networker, invite others and start earning without investing.
  • Everyone is welcome both Investors and Networkers its a win win.

How to Register as a New Member at Solmax Login Portal

Let’s explain to you how it works. Firstly, once you register with your money, you will be eligible to earn a profit of 50% within 3 days.

Link for new member

  • Login to your back office via the Solmax Login Portal at
  • Select the menu button (three line button) at the top right of the page.
  • Select the menu button (three line button) again at the top right of the new page.
  • Select “my network” from the pop-up page.
  • Select your down-line where u want the new registration to be under.
  • Select add new.
    1. Your username will automatically appear where u have “SPONSOR” The member where the new account is placed under will show where u have “PARENT”.

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STAGE 1: (creation of Account)

  1. Fill the template, first name, last name, username, valid email, phone number, country, etc.
  2. Select the boxes to agree to the terms and conditions.
  3. Click on submit.
  4. It will show successful submission at the top.

STAGE 2: (creation of login password and transaction password)

  1. Go to the new member email, is either you select “click to activate” if the member is using his/her Phone device or tell the new member to copy the link in the email and send to you. Then click on the link.
  2. You will be led to the new member’s back office.
  3. Enter login password and confirm it.
  4. Select submit.
  5. Enter your transaction password from the new template and submit.

STAGE 3: (funding of account)

  1. Select the menu button (three line button) at the top right of your back-office page
  2. Select shop
  3. Select the package of the new member
  4. Select “transfer your i100 to the savings account…” (If u want to lock up all in shares.
  5. Select next >>
  6. Select payment method (usually gift code)
  7. Enter the gift code
  8. Select submit.

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Solmax Opportunities

Marketing a number of brands including YouRent, Practice PA, Fintechemy and Solmax Pro, these companies offer innovative and exciting services, which genuinely add value. Now is the time to invest in a network company that continues to grow.

  • Get return on your investment 1% to 2% daily, 75% in cash and 25% in Smart Shares.
  • 100% real complete documents!!
  • 100% real project
  • No sign up fee!
  • Direct referral bonus on every investment 10%
  • Team Bonus 10%
  • Matching Bonus 5% to 20%

Solmax Packages

25£ = 33$

50£ = 66$

100£ = 130$

250£ = 322$

500£ = 645$

1000£ = 1290$

2500£ = 3225$

5000£ = 6450$

Deposit method

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Perfect money
  3. Bank
  4. Debit card
  5. Credit card

Solmax Daily Profits

  1. 1% To 2%
  2. 200 days
  3. Direct Bonuses – 10%
  4. Binary Bonuses – 10%
  5. Matching Bonuses
    • Level 20%
    • Level 15%
    • Level 10%
    • Level 5%

Solmax Growth Bonuses – i100 Dividends


You can make your withdrawals at Solmax Login Portal in the following forms;

  • Bitcoin
  • Bank
  • Master visa card

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