Telpecon Grant Disbursement Update 2023 | Today’s Update on Telpecon

Have you heard of Telpecon Grant Disbursement 2023? Are you an applicant or you want to apply? If yes then this update is all you need right now. This post on Telpecon Grant Disbursement Update 2023 is going to guide you on the need concerning your application.

If you want to apply to get a grant from Telpecon or you are already an applicant then this post is for you. Here, we highlighted some key points that you may need in your application process. So, kindly read through this post and use the link we are going to provide here to apply.

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About Telpecon Grant 2023

TELPECON known as The Less Privilege Coordinators Network (TELPECON) is a consortium of Nigerian NGOs, CBO Initiatives with over 44million membership nationwide and a registered body with Corporate Affairs Commission with registration number CAC/IT/No.124228 under the Trustees and Allied Matters Act 1990 and EFCC SCUML Certificate which focus on empowerment of the less privileged and entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

The sole aim and objectives of TELPECON is to fight poverty in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, through the Empowerment of women and youth in our society, to support them through grant for entrepreneurial engagement, especially those who are considered as rural dwellers.

We believe in skills. According to 21st century economist, “all money you will make in this generation must come from solving a problem”. We empower Agriculture, we therefore make agriculture an integral part of our initiatives. We want to encourage more people to go into the sector, and empower them to achieve.

2023 Telpecon Grant Disbursement Guideline to Beneficiaries

Telpecon and the Management are working together to publish the list of proposed payments of youths including the mechanisms for Telpecon payments.

The list of beneficiaries and how the selected once can access the Telpecon projected fund per state, and how to disburse the payment through Bank Verification Numbers or other means. Telpecon are also discussing the rationale for payment.

Telpecon will publish the payment of beneficiaries and selection criteria based on qualified applicants, as well as the payment plan for successfully selected candidates.

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Telpecon Seminar Conference 2023 for disbursement of funds

Telpecon Seminar Centers and Disbursement of 2023 Grant, we wish to inform you that the plans to fix the telpecon seminar centres, venues and date is actually on ground right now and the locations for this seminars will be released soon though we want to guide everybody on the importance of this telpecon and its funding/empowerment is going to benefit all applicant.

Telpecon Grant Disbursement Update – How to Register

Applications are done online and any applicant that wish to apply must do so at the official Telpecon registration portal. Application is available for everyone at

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