UK Visa Application Online 2021/2022 From Any Part of the World

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Are you interested in knowing how to make UK Visa application online 2021/2022? If yes, then you don’t have to worry yourself much as this post will put you through on the necessary steps involved in applying for UK visa. Kindly read through this post to get the full information you would need for this trip.

UK Visa application online 2021/2022

UK Visa is a travel document which guarantees intending travellers to United Kingdom (UK) for any purpose the ability to make their trip to UK.

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Before considering making UK Visa application online, some requirements would be needed for a successful Visa grant. Although there are different types of Visas, it is important you get to know them before making the application. Now let’s go through the types of Visa, process of application, requirements and things to know about UK Visa application.

Types of UK Visa

  1. Marriage visitor Visa
  2. Short-term study visa
  3. Parent of a Tier-4 child Visa
  4. Standard visitor Visa (for tourists)
  5. Permitted paid engagement Visa
  6. Long term travellers would need the following types of Visas
    • Student Visa – for people intending to study in United Kingdom (lasts up to 3 years)
    • Diplomatic Visas – government officials for an official assignment.

Requirements for applying for UK Visa application online 2021/2022

  1. A valid international passport with validity for at least 30 years after your intended trip. You can get this passport at the Nigerian Immigration office near you or apply online at;
  2. A valid ECOWAS travel passport;
  3. Visa application fee;
  4. A Visa application form filled and submitted online;
  5. Statement of account from your bank;
  6. Proof of having an accommodation in United Kingdom;
  7. Marriage certificate for travellers going with their spouse;
  8. Birth certificate for parents going with their children (original copies);
  9. Recent coloured white background passport photograph (45mm x 35mm)

Travellers for business intention would present the following

  • Contact address of your company;
  • Complete details of the company you are representing;
  • An invitation letter;
  • Your home address.

How to Apply for UK Visa 2021

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