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Work permit Visa 2021/2022 for Canada and the Processes Involved in Application

Work permit Visa 2021/2022 – Canada is amongst the largest country in Northern America and also the biggest country in the world. Approximately, over 250,000 people relocate to Canada every year.

Work Permit Visa 2021/2022 for Canada and the Processes Involved in Application

On this post, research has been made on how to relocate to Canada from anywhere in the world. Currently, about 33 million people live in Canada which half of the Canadian inhabitants is made out of immigrants.

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Work permit Visa 2021/2022 for Canada – processes involved

Complete the application processes

Chose an application which is most suitable to your visa, for instance, if you are self-employed and planning to obtain a Work permit Visa 2020, you have to fill out the form as someone who is planning to relocate to Canada as a caregiver for someone else.

  • If you are self-employed, startup visa, Quebec-selected skilled worker, provincial visa or family sponsored visa.
  • Skilled workers can process an Express Entry profile online if you want speedy process in relocating to Canada.

Qualification/Eligibility for Work permit Visa in Canada

Before forwarding your intentions on relocating to Canada, you should check your qualification. These are some of the reasons why you might not be given access to Canada:

Pay an Application Fee

Application fee might be a little high, mostly when u are requesting for an application for dependents like spouse or any family member. For instance, application fee for an Express Entry for an individual would be $550 (Canadian Dollars). He relocating with wife or husband, then the fee will be paid on individual basis.

N/B: Make payments in full or the application will not be processed.

Put together all documents required for the trip

There are certain documents needed for relocating to Canada from Nigeria, such as:

  • Two copies of detailed list of all the personal or household items you are traveling with.
  • Confirmation of payment of residence and Canadian Immigration Visa for everyone travelling
  • 2 copies of all items that would arrive later and their net value.
  • Valid travel documents or passport for each person travelling.

Purchase Private Health Insurance

Anyway, Canada gives free health insurance to citizens and residents; you have to purchase a private health insurance covering up to 3 months after your first arrival to Canada.

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Wait for your visa to arrive

It may take a while for the visa to be responded to. Even when you apply for an Express Entry, you have to wait for at least six months for the visa to arrive. It is advised you apply immediately you have made up your mind to relocate to Canada.

N/B: When your application is denied, don’t panic, all you have to do is reapply.


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