Zugacoin Login Portal, Naira Equivalent and How to Register/Get Zugacoin

Zugacoin Login Portal – You might have heard of this newest cryptocurrency in town known as Zugacoin. Well, on this post, we shall be showing you the Zugacoin Login Portal, it’s naira equivalent and how it works.

About Zugacoin

Zugacoin is a unique brainchild that aims to rebuild Africa’s dying economy by becoming Africa’s first coin in equity and investment funding for Africa’s government instead of China.

Starting a business in Africa can often be a gargantuan task, especially since the prospects of obtaining a loan are few and far between, we will give out loans to aid businesses and encourage investors.

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The Zugacoin ecosystem provides the tools, resources and ease-of-use necessary for running a successful business.

Archbishop Sam Zuga, the brain behind the first African Cryptocurrency, Zugacoin has shed more lights on the difference between it’s Membership registration, Presale and Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

According to the popular cleric also known as Archbishop Dr Sam Zuga (Jehovah’s Field Marshall), Zugacoin which is intended to be used to alleviate unemployment in Africa, also promises to be one of the most expensive currency in the world.

According to Archbishop Dr. Sam Zuga,

Zugacoin is like I built an Estate of 1million houses with water and light but not  furnished.  ICO (Initial Coin Offering) means, the day that I want to start selling the houses in that Estate which the price will depend on the Exchange rate on the day you want to buy.

But Exchange rate of Dollar as at the time of advertising the property was $40,000 equivalent to N21million. But as Naira has kept falling before Dollar, the price keeps rising.”

On Presale of Zugacoin is whoever is interested in buying any of the houses before the actual date of public sales. By this time, the actual price has been divided into 100 times less and you are paying to buy the whole flat with only one portion.

How to Get Zugacoin

According to information gathered, the first step on getting Zugacoin is to register as a member of Samzuga Foundation Multi purpose cooperative society limited with any amount of money in your capacity.

You will be given Zugacoin 10 times the amount of money you registered with. This will stop on the 10th November, 2020.

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Secondly, the presale of Zugacoin will kick off on the 14th November, 2020 and will be sold at the cheapest rate ever of $400 per Coin.

Zugacoin Login Portal

To register for Zugacoin in the Zugacoin Login Portal, you have to open the website on your device at www.zugacoin.com.

Any other information you might need concerning Zugacoin, you can get it from the Zugacoin Login Portal.

It is important to know that Zugacoin was designed in a way that it will be scarce and expensive and who ever has it no matter the number will be very very rich.

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