Scholarships for Master’s Degree in Environment in France 2024

Embarking on Scholarships Master’s degree in Environment in France presents an exciting opportunity to delve into one of the most culturally rich countries while focusing on an ever-crucial field. Scholarships for such programs significantly alleviate the financial burden, making them accessible to aspiring scholars globally.

The Embassy of France in Nigeria is renewing a scholarship program to finance a Master’s degree in a French university for the academic year 2024/2025. Five grants will be awarded to the laureates wanting to pursue studies related to Environment and Risk Management. The deadline to submit your application is set on December 15th 2023.

This program is funded by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research, and implemented by the French Embassy and Campus France Nigeria.

Fields of Study

  • Environment
  • Risk Management
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Scholarship Benefits

The scholarship covers two academic years if the scholar is admitted in M1, and one academic year if the scholar is admitted in M2. It caters for transportation, a monthly allowance, guidance to find affordable student housing, healthcare coverage throughout the program, visa fee and national tuition fees in a public university.

Eligibility Criteria for Scholarships for Master’s Degree in Environment in France

  • Have Nigerian nationality and reside in Nigeria
  • Be up to 35 years old
  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree or Higher National Diploma in environment
  • Have completed National Service
  • Be fully committed to take up a course of study in France for the academic year from September/October 2024/2025
  • French proficiency is not a requirement for application
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Required documents

  1. Copy of your international passport data page (valid for a minimum of two (2) years)
  2. Detailed CV
  3. Personal statement
  4. Bachelor’s diploma or equivalent
  5. Undergraduate transcript
  6. Recommendation letter from your university (not mandatory but strongly recommended)

To find the complete guideline for application, visit Campus France Nigeria’s website-

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