Theobarth Grant Disbursement Update | Find Today’s News on Theo Barth Grant

In this post, we shall be sharing more information concerning the Theobarth grant disbursement update. If you applied for this grant then stay put on this post to get the information you are seeking for. If you are wondering if Theobarth grant disbursement is real or fake then you need to read this post too.

Theobarth as you know is an international Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) established by Apostle Theophilus O. Ebonyi aimed at helping the needy in our society and empowering young Nigerians and small businesses.

The mission of theobarth grant is to ensure that the poor and those that are really in need of financial assistance are assisted in their own little capacity. To give meaning to people’s lives by empowering the downtrodden through social intervention programs, technology, skill acquisition programs, adult education, and practical and radical human development programs.

To disburse this grant, Theobarth has divided the application into clusters. To stand a chance of getting the grant, you must be duly registered in a cluster. So kindly find a cluster around you to complete your registration if you have not done that yet.

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Theo Barth global foundation is aimed at empowering over 308,000,000 Nigerians. Selected NGOs will be given the sum of N10,000.000 (ten million naira) while cluster heads will be give a sum of N5,000,000 (five million naira).

To apply as an NGO or a cluster head, simply contact the Theobarth Global Foundation at

At this stage, you might be asking what could be delaying the Theobarth grant disbursement. Well, the information we have at hand is that Theobarth is currently undergoing documentation process. When this is completed then selected candidates will be contacted and grant disbursed to them.

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For further information on Theobarth grant disbursement update, kindly check the official website of the NGO at

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