Theobarth Grant Update 2024 | Check Modalities for Successful Disbursement

If you are looking for theobarth grant update for those that applied for this grant since last year then you need to read through this article carefully. Here, you will know what is going on with theobarth grant disbursement update.

First thing first, let us take you through what Theobarth Global Foundation (TGF) is all about. Theobarth is a Non-governmental organisation duly registered in Nigeria like the CAC and other financial institutions. Founded by Dr. Apostle Theophilus O. Ebonyi.

The aim of Theobarth grant update is to reach to those with finance challenges either in starting up a livelihood or paying bills. In other words, theobarth grant seeks to support the less privileged ones in our society. They intended to achieve this by disbursing the grant accordingly.

Theobarth Mission Statement

Our basic mission is to ensure the stability of all poor people in the system, to give meaning to people’s lives by empowering the downtrodden through social intervention programmes, technology, skill acquisition programmes, adult education, practical and radical human development programmes.

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Theobarth Vision Statement

TheoBarth envisions a country where the most vulnerable families are helped through our empowerment program to emerge from adversity and create vital, healthy lives for themselves and their communities.

Theobarth Grant Update

The current situation is that Theobarth grant is trying as much as possible to partner with CBN in ensuring a smooth grant disbursement. if you applied for the grant then you need to exercise patience as the disbursement will commence soon.

Also, if you didn’t register under any cluster then you have to look for a cluster and register with and provide your account details at the cluster. Disbursements will be done at cluster level.

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How to Apply for Theobarth Grant 2024

Theobarth Global Foundation grant encourages everyone, especially those in rural areas, to apply for this grant.

  1. Access the theobarth grant application form at to fill out the grant form.
  2. Enter your Personal Details: This information includes:
    • Full Name
    • Account number (ensure accuracy)
    • Bank Name
    • Phone Number
    • Email (make sure it’s correct)
    • Hometown Address
  3. Upload the proof of payment for the legal impost according to the category you are applying for.

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