TheoBarth Grant Update | See Grant Disbursement Date

Wish to know when TheoBarth Grant Update and when Disbursement will take place? I know you might be searching for this online that is why we are here to give you a straight and legit answer, Kindly follow this post till the end to get it right.

Did you apply for TheoBarth Global Foundation Free Grant? Do you want to know what it the current situation of Theo barth grant disbursement? If your answer is yes then you will get your answers here. Just go through this post to get what is going on how with Theo Bart.

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Without wasting much time, let us take you through what brought you here. You have to be aware that as on the date of this publication, no disbursement have been made yet to any applicant or NGO. Disregard those telling you otherwise. I can categorically tell you that disbursement is yet to start.

TheoBarth Grant Update and Disbursement Date

What Theo Barth Global is doing now is that they are still meeting with the federal government to ensure the ease of disbursement through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and to also make sure that the money gets to the right persons.

This is so because of the amount of money to be disbursed which cannot be disbursed through commercial banks. Although there have been some extent of success on that. Any moment from now, we would be expecting our monies into our bank account.

Having said that, if you have not verified your ID with your cluster, kindly do so now. Meet the person you registered with and submit a copy of a valid means of identification which can either be your voters’ card, driver license, NIN or international passport alongside two copies of your passport photograph.

According to the CEO and Founder of TheoBarth Global Theophilus Oloche Ebonyi, do not you pay anybody at any stage of this grant as the grant is totally free of charge to all eligible Nigerian applicant. Once the disbursement starts, it will be shared to all those applied for TheoBarth Grant. Kindly exercise patient with the system.

Objectives of TheoBarth Global Foundation

  • Promoting and fostering good corporate relationship in order to avail us to numerous employment and recruitment opportunities.
  • Involving local people in improving the area
  • To carry out and promote both skills acquisition improvement and educational scholarship, to educate, encourage and support the local population in business seminars by working with statutory and non-statutory agencies.
  • Promoting talent, enhance merit support program
  • To raise funds and receive contributions where appropriate to finance work.
  • Open bank accounts for the poor
  • Make rules and standing orders for categories of members and their rights
  • Take out insurance
  • Organize meetings, training courses and events for fishery farms, fallowing designs, hair stylist, poultry, information communication technology, creative arts, photography and video coverage, production and pastries foods and making of detergents and fragrance.
  • Feeding (food item) financial support (soft loans with little or no interest) free education (scholarship to those children who are orphans in our schools, clothing (provides clothes to widows and empower them with funds to start up little and larger businesses, shelter (payment of bills, house rents to many).
  • Work with similar groups and exchange information and advice with them.
  • Take any action that is lawful, which would help it to fulfill its aims.

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On the other hand, if you have completed all the stages of TheoBarth grant (i.e. duly registered and ID verification) then simply exercise patient with Theobarth as they will definitely disburse as promised.

To know more on this TheoBarth Grant Update, Disbursement Date and Modalities for a successful disbursement, kindly visit TheoBarth website at Here, you will be informed better.

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