EasyBuy VIP Cash Loan Review | How to Get A Quick Loan from EasyBuy

Getting loans from EasyBuy VIP Cash Loan can can be a way out of an urgent need. On this post, you will be guided on how to access loan from EasyBuy Cash Loan. This review will help you know all the things you can do on EasyBuy cash loan platform.

There are numerous benefits you can get from EasyBuy. In case you are not aware, EasyBuy is an online platform where you can easily buy your desired phone even when you do not have the complete payment for the phone. Yes, that is true!

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What this simply means is that you can walk into a recorgnised phone dealer outlet, purchase your phone and make a part-payment for that phone and still take the phone home.

Ok, this is how it is done, Mr. A wants to buy a phone worth N85,000 but only has N50,000 at that moment and in need of that phone urgently. What Mr. A have to do in other to take the phone home after paying a part-payment of N50,000 is to submit his valid ID card, BVN, and active ATM card details.

Yes, you will have to submit these details and do not worry about being scammed because the platform is fully registered in Nigeria and you can sue them in case your details are tampered with.

Lets go further, when you have submitted these information, you will also submit contacts of your close friends or family relatives to inform them of your purchase. EasyBuy will in turn verify your details to ensure they are correct. When your request is approved, Mr. A will have to make deposit of the N50,000 he has with the phone dealer.

Be informed that this does not come with an interest. EasyBuy charges 15% outstanding amount for such purchase. This means that the phone Mr. A wants to buy which worth N85,000 and made a deposit of N50,000 and balance of N35,000. When EasyBuy pays the balance for you, you will pay EasyBuy 15% of N35,000 which is N5,250. So instead of buying the phone N85,000, you will end up paying N90,250.

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Another thing you have to be aware in this is that you can pay the loan in 3, 4 and 6 months installments. Also, you need to be aware that EasyBuy works with phone companies whereby when you make a purchase and refuse to pay at the right time, your phone will be locked. I am sure you will not like to experience that.

EasyBuy VIP Cash Loan

EasyBuy does not only help you buy your desired phone with ease. They also assist you with quick VIP cash loans. This EasyBuy VIP Cash Loan is only available to those that have successfully purchased a phone through EasyBuy and have also completed his/her loan at due time.

EasyBuy does not have a website, they only make use of their mobile App which you will find in your app store. On the app, you will have an option to get a cash loan of N10,000 to N100,000. The EasyBuy VIP Cash Loan can also be paid back in 3, 4 and 6 months installments.

If you are searching for a quick loan for an urgent need today, worry no more as EasyBuy VIP Cash Loan have you covered. All you have to do is go into any phone dealer outlet, make purchase of your desired phone, pay in 50% for the phone then choose payback plan that will work best for you.

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